Dataset.createVariable(varname, datatype, dimensions=(), zlib=False, complevel=4, shuffle=True, fletcher32=False, chunksizes=None, fill_value=None, endian='native')#

Creates a new variable.

  • varname (str) – Name of the new variable. If given as a path, intermediate groups will be created, if not existent.

  • datatype (numpy.dtype, str) – Dataype of the new variable

  • dimensions (tuple) – Tuple containing dimension name strings. Defaults to empty tuple, effectively creating a scalar variable.

  • zlib (bool, optional) – If True, variable data will be gzip compressed.

  • complevel (int, optional) – Integer between 1 and 9 defining compression level. Defaults to 4. Ignored if zlib=False.

  • shuffle (bool, optional) – If True, HDF5 shuffle filter will be applied. Defaults to True. Ignored if zlib=False.

  • fletcher32 (bool, optional) – If True, HDF5 Fletcher32 checksum algorithm is applied. Defaults to False.

  • chunksizes (tuple, optional) – Tuple of integers specifying the chunksizes of each variable dimension. Discussion on h5netcdf chunksizes can be found in (GH52) and (PR127).

  • fill_value (scalar, optional) – Specify _FillValue for uninitialized parts of the variable. Defaults to None.

  • endian (str, optional) – Control on-disk storage format. Can be any of little, big or native (default).


var (h5netcdf.legacyapi.Variable) – Variable class instance